We offer a comprehensive range of document scanning solutions for our clients. We can assist you with the scanning of one document to enterprise-wide document storage. From a full cloud solution including SharePoint to scanning onto a portable storage device, we can accommodate your scanning needs.

Scanning your Documents and digitising your records will help you:

  • Store and archive your documents in a failsafe cloud solution. 
  • Share your digital documents with colleagues across many sites and physical locations.
  • Reduce the risk of document destruction through natural disasters. If the atrocity of a natural
    disaster occurs, you will have a backed-up archive.
  • Reduce the required office space, no more filing cabinets or large offsite storage requirements
  • Improve business efficiencies, your documents can be fully searchable so you will not be
    required to go looking through the archives when a customer asks for that document from 4
    years ago.

We understand that our clients' documents may contain confidential information and we guarantee full confidentiality and proper handling of sensitive information.

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