XRX Business Centre offers Telstra's flexible Connected Cloud Service. Access more opportunities with world-class technology and cloud solutions. Connect with your community, build relationships with partners and customers.

The secure and reliable way to manage ICT accessing the largest fully integrated and most reliable IP network in Australia, providing many benefits to your business:

Telstra Connected Clouds provides many benefits to your business:

  • Cost Efficient
  • Reliable - maximum availablility and reliability 24/7
  • Flexible - build a flexible virtual server solution
  • Secure - protect your business with robust cloud security • control - your own virtual server solution
  • Sustainable - reduce your carbon footprint

Businesses globally are benefitting from secure cloud services, connecting from the office, home or in the field, and reducing the need to continually invest in and maintain their own ICT assets and capabilities. Cloud Servces enable businesses to respond to immediate and changing business demands with a flexible virtual server solution.

Telstra is committed to providing reliable, local and secure virtual servers and resources that are available 99.9% of the service year – with 24/7 service support and coverage.

Telstra Cloud Services integrates with the Telstra Next IP® network and the Next G® network to create a simplified and seamless service experience, connecting businesses and people right across Australia.

Set up one or a number of virtual servers, select an operating system and maybe internet access and some extra storage. To build a complete solution, choose from virtual server add-ons such as secure private networks, applications and security.

XRX Telstra Cloud Solutions