Have you been affected by your mobile phone providers intermittent service?

Phone networks are experiencing up to 50% increased use as people are making the move to working from home. This increase is not surprising as the population attempts to connect through voice to colleagues, government agencies, health services, and friends and family.

This mobile phone disruption is making life difficult for businesses that rely on them to communicate.

In addition to missed calls due to the strain on the phone network, the cost of calls due to high mobile call usage will have a potential cost to businesses and employees depending on their current plans.

3.5K Staff at a telecommunications call centre were recently deemed unavailable due to COVID-19

So you are having technical difficulties - Who do you call?

As contact centre workforces are reduced, there are longer wait times for customers contacting their phone providers. Leading to lost productivity and frustration.

Our local team of experienced telecommunication specialists are still working hard and ready to answer your call.

700K+ Telehealth calls are expected per day across Australia (Based on Doctors seeing an average of 20 patients per day).

Is there an alternative Telecommunications Solution?

Access4 Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a cloud-based telephony solution meaning you connect through data rather than traditional phone lines. 

In addition to the benefit of a less congested phone line Access4 also provides the ability to:

  • Have a single phone number across multiple devices. 
  • Have access to the corporate phone environment even while you are not in the office.
  • See users’ presence and integrate with other systems such as Outlook and CRM.
  • Send Instant Messages through unified messaging.
  • Use video on demand, both one on one and group sessions.
  • Share documents and workspaces in real-time without the need for additional emails and the time delay.
  • Ensure your systems are Secure

50% increased use of phone networks as the population attempts to connect through voice.

Remote working and Access4

Connectivity for successful remote working

Remote working requires the right tools for your teams as well as the necessary infrastructure. Headsets and Devices including conference cameras, speakers, microphones, the right software and access to tech support all make working from home a viable business solution.

Connectivity combined with the right cloud-based solutions can make the location of your operation agnostic. Access4 can be accessed by staff over the web, allowing them to make and take phone calls almost anywhere.

How much is a phone call worth to your business?

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