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Enhance Efficiency with Our Managed Printer Services

Discover our managed printer services, meticulously designed to boost efficiency and reduce costs. Our printer solutions guarantee reliable performance and seamless integration for all your business needs. Opt for our managed print services, setting us apart from the competition in Townsville printers, and North Queensland, as we deliver superior reliability, efficiency, and personalised support tailored to your business printing needs.

As an authorised FujiFilm Business Innovations Dealer, we have rigorously evaluated market options to bring you exceptional office machines. With advanced technology, reliability, and competitive pricing, we ensure your business receives the best printer solutions available.

At XRX Business Centre Townsville, our office equipment can be purchased outright or leased, with the added benefit of managed printer services. This means we will continuously support your business growth into the future. With 40+ years of local experience with Fuji Xerox Printers and Photocopiers, our expert Team is dedicated to providing you with the ideal office equipment solutions tailored to your needs.

Optimise your office performance and choose Townsvilles largest team of printer and photocopier technicians, today.

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Did you know we are leaders in Office Equipment

Office Printers that can Photocopy & Scan

XRX Business Centre offers a Large Range of Production Equipment, Wide Format Printers, Office Printers,  Scanners and Business Photocopiers. All our devices are backed by Fuji Film Business Innovation (Previously Fuji Xerox) unique 3-year Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

We help you overcome workplace obstacles with smarter printers (Multi-Function Devices - MFDs) that perform multiple tasks, reliably and securely, saving you time and money.

Our office printers do so much more than print. We provide tailored solutions to reduce daily manual tasks along with human errors.

At XRX Business Centre we understand speed is crucial for businesses. In this fast-paced environment, our printers and managed printer services enable your business to be agile and stay ahead.

XRX Innovation technologies

We focus on

Whatever print solution you choose, we ensure they are fully supported by our inhouse printer experts.

Market Leading

Our printers feature market-leading technologies that ensure exceptional performance, reliability, and efficiency for all your business printing needs.


We provide free on-site training to ensure you maximise the benefits of the leading technologies included with your printers.

xrx maintenance


Our maintenance agreement (available with all printers), is tailored to your individual needs, and designed to provide you with peace of mind.

Managed Print Services

Office Printer Solutions

Our managed print services deliver exceptional colour and print quality, ensuring your work always stands out. With intelligent software drivers that incorporate AI Data Capture, our print solutions boost your overall productivity by automating manual tasks. This allows you and your team to focus on more strategic challenges and opportunities. Choose our managed print services to enhance efficiency and elevate your business's printing capabilities.


Why choose a managed print service?

The advantages of a managed print service for your office printers include enhanced efficiency for your printer users, reduced costs, and ensuring top-quality printing with seamless integration and expert support, allowing your business to focus on core activities

XRX Office Equipment  Increase Security.

XRX Office Equipment  Reduce Costs.

XRX Office Equipment  Expert Support.

xrx managed printers


Cost and Fleet Management Solutions

Easy monitoring and control of printing costs.

Access and manage your entire printer fleet in your network.




XRX Xerox Photocopiers integrate into your network and Print easily from mobile devices


Remote MFD Health Check

Predictive Management to improve overall device effectiveness and reduce unplanned downtime.

Smart Help and Remote Assistance provide more ways to support with less waiting time.

In the event you need onsite assistance, we have the largest services team in town, so one of our experienced technicians can be onsite Fast.

XRX Services Team Photocopier Health Check


Secure Print and Scan

Ensure zero data leakage and unauthorised access.

Encrypted Printing.

Encrypted Scanning.

Authentication - Mitigate risks with employee login and accountability.

Audit Trail - Enhance security by real-time monitoring.

XRX Securely Print Copy and Scan within your business


Mobile Solutions and Cloud Connectivity

Enable your workplace to be more adaptive with Borderless Workplaces.

Seamless connectivity with smartphone including direct Print and Scan.

Integrated Secure Cloud Printing Services.

Upload data easily from your PC or Mobile Devices.

Print data securely at your chosen destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your best price for a business printer and photocopier?

We don't list prices on our website because our Account Management Team are experts in finding your business the best solution. Printing technology is changing fast and the setup you had 5 years ago may not be the ideal setup you need today.

For example, You may have had a printer per office in your business, however, with mobile and cloud printing, along with advances in printing security you may not need as many machines. Advances in page speed output also mean less queuing at printers to release print jobs so all of these improvements can be factored into the ideal setup for your business.

We offer no obligations, Free Audits of your office technology. Contact us today for a detailed solution for your business by our expert technical team.


How much does Toner Cost for an office printer?

What if you never had to pay for toner again? At XRX we know how important it is to have your machines running when you need them, and the impact they can have on your day when they don't. Our Managed services option includes toner, so you won't need to worry about toner running out and you won't need to worry about the ongoing cost of Toner. 

My business is outside of Townsville, do you charge a travel fee to service our printer?

Our services area extends from Cardwell in the North to Bowen in the South and out to Mount Isa in the West. If your business has a service agreement with us, we do not charge for our support team to visit your site whether it be for maintenance or repair.

We love helping our customers, regardless of where you are located, we do not charge our customers with managed service agreements for the delivery of toner or drum replacements. 

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What is included in the XRX managed print service agreement? 

XRX manages and maintains the full working liability of the printer device including, services, maintenance, toner, and drum replacements. 

What is NOT included in the XRX managed print service agreement?

The agreement does not include paper or staples and does not cover natural disasters like fire or flood. 

XRX Managed Services

Can you take away the old photocopier device? What happens to the old machine?

XRX can absolutely take away your old machine. We have a longstanding commitment to environmentally responsible print management services and solutions and an end-of-life resource recovery program. At XRX, we Recycle 100% of our machines. 

When a machine has finished its life:

  • Our Qualified Technicians do a comprehensive inspection of the machine and remove and reuses any working parts
  • The parts that can not be reused are given to E-Waste Recycling in Townsville
  • What E-Waste Recycling cant recycle of the machine they give to Sims Metal Management as Scrap Metal for recycling

Read our sustainability program

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