XRX Business Technologies suite includes Commbox for purchase.

CommBox Commercial V4 Display

  • Featuring 4k
  • high definition
  • android 8
  • built-in wifi & Commbox connect for screen sharing

Enjoy wire-free connectivity of any device, utilising inbuilt screen sharing through Commbox connect.

Explore, navigate and control your V4 display from your phone using the innovative air mouse.

Through the CommBox store, you have all your favourite apps at your fingertips.

Browse the internet at a tough of a button from the home screen or access the (always growing) library of training resources.

Built-in Android8 means you can do all this and more without any device connected.

Switch sources to access an OPS with Windows10 or other devices like Apple TV.

Use the CommBox display V4 for video conferencing, signage or even as a teaching tool.

It's so much more than just a display.

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