How to share your canva file

Share your Canva file with XRX Design

There are many ways you can share your Canva designs. Share via email or links, or even as templates.

By Sharing your file with our design team, we can add necessary printing guides including crop marks margins, bleed etc.

If you have not set up your file yet, check out our templates so you can create your file with the right dimensions.

Canva design software logo

In Canva

1. Open the Canva file you wish to share with our Print Team.

2. Click on the 'Share' button on the top right-hand of the page.
Hint: if the 'Share' button is not visible you may only see the icon Sharing a design file to the printing team

How to share a Canva file

3. Enter our email address in the 'Share this design' text box.

4. If you haven't already been chatting to us about your print requests, feel free to pop in a message.

5. Ensure the checkbox 'Invite to be part of the team' is unchecked. 

6. Click 'Send'.

Sharing a canva file with a non team member