Business NBN

Improve your business productivity

with Business-Grade NBN.

XRX offers Business-Grade nbn™ solutions designed specifically for business. This includes high-speed options designed for businesses of different sizes along with symmetrical bandwidth for video conferencing and priority data to provide more consistent performance.

Is your internet connection keeping up with your business?

Network reliability is critical for running cloud-based applications or attending online meetings and video conferences. XRX understand businesses require robust, efficient networks to be productive.

 XRX Business-Grade nbn™ is designed for businesses who need higher levels of speed, committed information rates and network reliability, enabling you to maximise your business productivity, collaboration, and innovation now and into the future.

Network reliability with XRX Enterprise Ethernet

Optimised NBN speed

Optimised Speed

We understand modern life is calling for faster and more reliable communications. Business requirements for uploads and downloads differ, which is why XRX tailor your solution with a speed that's optimised for your usage. This means you can avoid the risk of spending money on a higher tier when it's not needed.

Optimised NBN Uptime with XRX

Un-interrupted Uptime

XRX Business-Grade nbn™ provides a Network Availability Target of  99.95% through its approved architecture configuration. Reduced downtime results in a higher level of uninterrupted flow of data leading to a higher level of user satisfaction and a reduction in worker frustrations. 

Secure Communications with XRX NBN

Secure Communications

Improve communications reliability and security with Static IP addresses.  XRX Business-Grade nbn™ offer Businesses the option of Static IP addresses. Static IP addresses remain the same and can't be moved between ISPs. 

Enterprise Ethernet for Business

Mark Bouris, Chairman of Yellow Brick Road

“The efficiency and productivity from the capabilities business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet provided for small businesses, have been genuine game-changers.”

“In every sector, the breadth of tools available to SMEs to simplify their operations is simply astounding. From freight to packaging, to payments, the tools and services are out there to enable entrepreneurs of any size and technical savviness to grow their businesses has never been seen before. As a result, we’re seeing a real boom in investment by SMEs into these products.”

Key Featured of XRX Business-Grade NBN

Faster more reliable internet

Safely and securely share large files with suppliers and clients

Fibre-access technology

Symmetrical, high speed

Business-grade installation from an expert team

Enterprise Ethernet with business-grade support

Provide a single point of contact, with end-to-end management of incidents/cases

Enterprise Ethernet has a 12-hour restoration time target for faults as standard

No matter how big or small your business is, XRX has the right business nbn™ solution for you.

XRX Business Grade internet for cloud phones

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