XRX Business Centre approach to sustainability

Our parent, Fuji Xerox Australia has a longstanding commitment to environmentally responsible product design, industry leading print management services and solutions and an end-of-life resource recovery program that is second to none.

Having committed decades of research, innovation and resources in this area Fuji Xerox Australia has led the industry, embracing a holistic lifecycle view of how we address sustainability at every step of the value chain: from parts procurement through an extensive supply chain, to our development and manufacturing operations, and customer use and disposal of our products at end-of-life.

XRX Business Centre

Our business is committed to achieving a sustainable business model both in our business as well as assisting our clients to improve their carbon footprint.

Recycling is a key pillar of our sustainability drive. In conjunction with our parent Fuji Xerox Australia Pty Ltd we recycle all toner drums as well as spare parts. These are remanufactured in Sydney at Fuji Xerox’s Eco Centre for reuse in the field. We also recycle Cardboard, Pallets and Paper.

In relation to other carbon footprint reduction initiatives we help our customers reduce their travel by holding more teleconferences and webinars, monitor their printing to control usage of paper and invest in virtual servers.

The Fuji Xerox range of copiers and printers have one of the best records for energy efficiency and Fuji Xerox invented the EA – Eco toner. This toner has lower fusing temperatures that substantially reduce power consumption as well as actual toner usage. We also market and support a range of software including Fuji Xerox Software that increase control over printing thereby saving the environment.

We have been keen supporters of community initiatives towards sustainability including financially supporting the acquisition of the Cromarty Wetlands to ensure they are not destroyed by development, joining and actively taking a roll in Sustainable Townsville Ltd, presenting our record as educational case studies at conferences. We are also very keen supporters and sponsors of sport in our region.

We have also joined the Fuji Xerox Sustainability Program which is designed to increase awareness of sustainability issues across the entire organisation including all stakeholders and supply chain as well as reduce the carbon footprint. Three times, in the past four years we have won awards, in this program. In 2013, we won overall winner.

And our drive continues....