XRX Business Centre approach to sustainability

Our parent, FujiFilm Business Innovations Australia (previously Fuji Xerox) has a longstanding commitment to environmentally responsible product design, industry-leading print management services and solutions and an end-of-life resource recovery program that is second to none.

Having committed decades of research, innovation and resources in this area FujiFilm Business Innovation Australia has led the industry, embracing a holistic lifecycle view of how we address sustainability at every step of the value chain: from parts procurement through an extensive supply chain, to our development and manufacturing operations, and customer use and disposal of our products at end-of-life.

Did you know We Recycle 100% of our machines?

The FujiFilm Business Innovation range of photocopiers, printers and scanners have one of the best records for energy efficiency and Fuji Xerox invented the EA – Eco toner. This toner has lower fusing temperatures that substantially reduce power consumption as well as actual toner usage. 

And at XRX Business Centre Townsville we Recycle 100% of our machines!

  • When a new machine arrives:
    • The cardboard packaging is sent to JJ Richards for recycling 
    • The Polystyrene packaging is sent to Norfoam for recycling
  • Toner
    • Empty toner cartridges are returned to FujiFilm Business Innovations Australia to be refilled or recycled
  • Parts
    • Machine Parts are returned to FujiFilm Business Innovations Australia to be repaired or recycled 
  • When a machine has finished its life:
    • Our Qualified Technicians takes the machine and remove and reuses any working parts,
    • The rest of the machine is given to E-Waste Recycling in Townsville
    • What E-Waste Recycling cant recycle of the machine they give to Sims Metal Management as Scrap Metal for recycling

XRX Sustainability Recycling Printers

XRX Solar Panels on Xerox Business Centre roof

Did you know we are members of FujiFilm Business Innovations Sustainability program?

Our business is committed to achieving a sustainable business model both in our business as well as assisting our clients to improve their carbon footprint.

  • At XRX Business Centre Townsville we have over 240 solar panels on our roof generating power for the building.
  • Each office has individual light switches to reduce energy consumption along with led lights throughout the building.
  • Our fleet of vehicles are fuel-efficient and XRX Business Centre Townsville donates our containers to a local school to be recycled with the containers for change scheme.

XRX Business Centre Townsville

Recycling is a key pillar of our sustainability drive. In conjunction with our parent FujiFilm Business Innovation Australia Pty Ltd we recycle all toner drums as well as spare parts. These are remanufactured in Sydney at Fuji Film Business Innovations Eco Centre for reuse in the field. We also recycle Cardboard, Pallets and Paper.

In relation to other carbon footprint reduction initiatives, we help our customers reduce their travel by holding more teleconferences and webinars, monitoring their printing to control usage of paper and investing in virtual servers.

We also market and support a range of software including FujiFilm Business Innovations Software that increase control over printing thereby saving the environment.

We have been keen supporters of community initiatives towards sustainability including financially supporting the acquisition of the Cromarty Wetlands to ensure they are not destroyed by development, joining and actively taking a role in Sustainable Townsville Ltd, presenting our record as educational case studies at conferences. We are also very keen supporters and sponsors of sports in our region.

We have been members of the FujiFilm Sustainability Program for over a decade. This program is designed to increase awareness of sustainability issues across the entire organisation including all stakeholders and supply chain as well as reduce the carbon footprint. XRX Business Centre Townsville is proud to say we are multi-award winning in this program.

What is Earth Smart?

Earth Smart settings let you quickly set controls that automatically reduce paper waste and toner usage by disabling banner pages, enabling 2-sided (duplex) printing, 2-up printing, and printing a sample set and/or draft mode.

Earth Smart is built into several XRX printers and multifunction printers

What is Duplex printing?

Setting Duplex as the automatic default within your printer driver settings will save 50% of paper every time you print! If you want to print even more pages on a sheet of paper, choose the “2-up” or “2 Pages per Sheet” option to print two images on each side of a single sheet.

What does the sample copy option do?

Choosing the sample copy option before you print multiple copies will only have an output of one sample copy print at the outset. The printer will hold the remaining copies in the queue until after you review and approve the sample copy. Then you can release or delete the remaining copies.

What are Eco-responsible Printing Adjustments?

Adjusting the way you print can add up to big savings over time. Below are some eco-responsible adjustments you can make in your print settings to print more efficiently and reduce paper waste:

  • Use the Print Preview, on-screen to view a document before actually printing it
  • Adjust the Page layout options to Portrait or Landscape to allow the best fit for the page
  • Reduce the Margin size to allow for a larger print area
  • Reduce Header and footer sizes to increase the print area
  • Reduce Font size for optimal presentation and best use of space
  • Set print area to only print pertinent information (spreadsheet applications)
  • Automatically turn off banner page printing

How is 3D Printing Environmentally-Friendly?

3D printing is helping to design and create products faster than ever before, this technology also known as additive manufacturing is revolutionising every field it enters.

As 3D printers are becoming more affordable they are showing great potential in many areas – even when it comes to environmental issues.

The material used for 3D printing is probably the most important part when talking about its sustainability. In the last years, there have, for instance, already been movements towards developing 3D printer material from recycled plastic. In a study, Joshua Pear from Michigan Technological University has shown that plastic filament from milk jugs is quite energy-efficient.

3D printing allows not only waste reduction, but this technology also offers ways to reuse it. The sports brand Adidas, for example, has recently printed a new shoe where the midsole is created from recycled fishing nets.