Documents and Flyer Printing

Documents and Flyer Printing

XRX Print Centre prints a wide selection of documents and flyers in varying sizes. 

If you already have a file created you can share it via email or if it has been created in Canva you can follow this guide to share the file with our print team.

If you haven't yet started your design, we have size guides and templates for common document sizes. 

Document Printing

XRX Print Centre professionally prints your documents in a range of colours on paper stock, sized to suit your needs.

Make a professional statement with your business and use professionally printed branded stationary. Letterheads, With compliment slips and Envelopes. XRX Print Centre can design the layout to create branding for your business, and ensure your business stands out as a professional in your sector. 

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Printing Flyers

XRX Print Centre prints high-quality, high-definition, colour brilliance, flyer and brochure advertising.

Our specialty printers combined with premium ink, quality paper and experienced staff ensures your flyers and brochures are of professional quality.


  • XRX Print Centre uses accurate colour conversion through premium colour printing combinations.
  • XRX Print centre prints flyers and brochures with a brilliant high colour definition.
  • XRX flyer and brochure prints are ideal for designers, businesses and artists who would like professional, quality flyers and brochures that are printed right the first time and quality checked by an experienced team.
  • XRX Print Centre offers a range of paper types to suit your needs.

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