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Is your phone system losing you business?

Would you like to grow your business without buying more infrastructure or implement blended working for your team?

Our experienced telecommunications team assess your current phone system and tailor a solution to best suit your business.

Stop spending money on technology that ages and switch to a pay-per-user, monthly model instead.

Our service team removes the complexity of owning and managing a business phone system.

Our accredited technicians take full accountability for your business communications. Our dedicated support ensures XRX-hosted phone systems are reliable communications for your business.

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80% of people say if their call goes unanswered they don’t call back!

Research by Stanford University

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Hundreds of companies in NQ rely on our Hosted PBX software for all of their Unified Communications needs

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Top 5 reasons for customers to switch to a cloud-based phone system:

green tick switch to cloud phones for business 1. Flexibility

Being able to answer business calls on any device enables staff
(and business owners) to work in the office and from home.

green tick switch to cloud phones for business 2. Scalability

As your business grows, our cloud-based phone system is designed to grow with you.
Easily add new handsets and phone extension numbers, enabling you to add new team
members and scale up your business without worrying about the technology.

green tick switch to cloud phones for business 3. Sound quality

Crystal clear HD audio means you can answer more calls in less time.

green tick switch to cloud phones for business 4. Redundancy

In the event that something goes wrong, like a natural disaster or
a power outage, you will still be able to answer your business phone calls.

green tick switch to cloud phones for business 5. Price

Cloud phones are a fraction of the cost of fixed-line phones.


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Our office phones start from $29 a month
Build your solution by requesting our Business Phone pricing or chat with our team by calling (07) 47 599 499

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5 star review

"We have recently purchased a new phone system from XRX Business Centre. 

The entire process went very seamlessly and was well supported every step of the way by the whole telecommunications team.

XRX listened to our requirements and were able to create a system entirely appropriate to our business model including virtual landline phones for our sales agents.

Our business relies heavily on telecommunications and XRX provides the support we need, 110% every time!"

Joanne Martel, Office Administrator at Helen Munro Property


5 star review

Customer Testimonial Northern body corporate manaagement

"We have been dealing with XRX Business Centre for our business needs for almost 10 years.

As we have been growing they have been with us the whole way, making sure we have the right equipment, whether it be photocopiers or our telephone system.

Their professionalism and helpfulness has been second to none. I would highly recommend them and its great doing business with them."

Seimon Griffiths, Director of Northern Body Corporate Management



XRX Voip Line


Benefits of a Cloud-Hosted PBX (Private Branch eXchange)

Lower Costs 

No need to buy and manage equipment.


Scale and grow as needed to meet your business requirements.

Increased Functionality 

Gain access to functions for users as and when they need them.

Greater Reliability 

Access carrier-grade redundancy is provided by Access4 without the cost to each user.

Retire your PBX and move to a cloud-based solution.

Green tick to move to cloud hosted pbx Skip the technically challenging and expensive process of managing siloed products.

Green tick to move to cloud hosted pbx Eliminate invoicing challenges, admin stress and revenue leakage.

Green tick to move to cloud hosted pbx There are no supply chain delays – provisioning is done within hours.


XRX Phone System Product Guide


Why Our Phone Systems?

Our Telecommunication Experts Monitor your system and proactively mitigate issues

We are locally owned & operated. Our service team removes the complexity of owning and managing a business phone system. Our accredited cabling technicians answer your calls and take full accountability for your business communications.

Flexible pricing & no upfront costs

Pay a fixed monthly fee with no surprise costs

Reliable service

Less outages allow your business to run smoothly

Fast provisioning & scalability 

Add or remove additional phone lines easily within minutes

Reduce workload

We’ll take care of any maintenance or support issues, easing the workload of your IT staff 

Additional features

Personalise your voicemail, create call queues, and set up hunt groups. easily
divert calls, video conferencing and much more.


How to Choose the Right Business Phone System?

  1. What are your business needs? Does your business need a phone system that includes desk telephones? or Does your business need a virtual phone service using mobile devices?
  2. If your business needs desk telephones, you can choose between a traditional landline telephone service or a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, which runs over the internet.  
  3. If you choose VoIP for your business, do you want to house the system at your business (on-premises) or have your service provider host it (cloud-based)?

Q: Why choose an XRX phone system?

A: Our phones are feature-rich and budget-conscious so you can configure the right system for your business. Our phones include mass deployment support, auto firmware upgrade and configuration, and a web interface for local/manual configuration.

Q: Which phone system is best for flexible work arrangements?

A: VoIP technology is ideal for remote workers and flexible work arrangements, ensuring employees can be reached at all times. It provides the added benefits of staying connected, utilising the full functionality of their desk phones through smartphone applications, while keeping their personal phone numbers private.

Q: Is the sound quality on a VoIP system as good as on a landline?

A: Technology has come a long way making it difficult to detect the difference between internet-based calls and landline calls.

Q: How are unified communications systems different from a phone system?

A: Many of today's phone systems are unified communications systems. These systems combine voice calling, messaging, and video or online meetings into one service. They also offer audio conferencing and online faxing. 

Q: Which Phone system is better for a business with multiple locations? 

A: While both on-premises and hosted systems can support businesses with multiple locations, a cloud-hosted solution can simplify things. Cloud-hosted systems can be managed from one online platform and can be cost-effective for your business as they don't require you to install complex PBX equipment inside each location. 

Q: What do I need to do to set up a VoIP System?

A: We recommend you plan your data network to ensure you have enough bandwidth to handle your call volume. Setting up your network to prioritise voice calls will help ensure your call quality is clear and strong.