Scanning Services

Scanning Services

Convert your Documents - Go digital with our secure digitisation solutions

Experience business efficiency and innovation with our document management and digitisation solutions

Our secure scanning and digitisation services will help you convert your information and data into digital formats for ease of use, storage and access. Index, search and understand your documents and records better.

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XRX Scanning Solutions

There has never been a better time to turn your business documents into digital files with XRX Business Centres Scanning solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of document scanning solutions for our clients.

We can assist you with the scanning of one document to enterprise-wide document storage. From a full cloud solution including SharePoint to scanning onto a portable storage device, we can accommodate your scanning needs.

We specialise in taking on your overflow workload or giving you that professional edge. Providing digital solutions to document storage and an environmentally friendly option to paper usage.

Document imaging

Our high-volume, quality scanners and our data entry services accurately convert and capture your paper records into a graphical image, indexing them so they can be electronically structured and searched.

OCR conversions

OCR transforms images of handwritten, typed and printed scripts into machine-encoded text that can be electronically searched and converted for easy insertion into Word, Excel or PDF files. 

Automated document & data capture

A combination of OCR and handwriting recognition software captures data from scanned forms, surveys, invoices, HR records, manuals, magazines, books and more.

High-quality scanning

Our skilled scanning specialists provide high-quality, fast and cost-effective services using the latest, high-speed scanners and software with output to most file formats.

Do you want to do it yourself?

By all means, we sell scanners to enable you to do it yourself. XRX Business Centre provides scanning services because many businesses find scanning their documents a cumbersome process. Additionally, we use experienced staff, high-speed scanners and intelligent software to process documents. Our team is also trained in both the scanning process and the relevant document preparation steps required – ensuring you get the best results. 

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Access your documents from anywhere

Search Scanned Documents with OCR

Search for a file with a single keyword

Search for a file with a single keyword

Safeguard your documents with a cloud solution

XRX Archive Document Scanning

XRX Document Imaging Service can provide a range of scanning solutions. Our team caters for scanning to enterprise-wide document storage and retrieval systems. We can provide this service at our premises, provide specialised staff to assist or train your team at your location or a complete on-site turnkey scanning solution. Scanning your Documents and digitising your records will help you:

  • Search for a file with a single keyword
  • Access your documents from anywhere
  • Store and archive your documents in a failsafe cloud solution
  • Share your digital documents with colleagues across many sites and physical locations
  • Safeguard your documents, avoid document destruction through natural disasters. 
  • Free up office space, no more filing cabinets or large offsite storage requirements
  • Improve business efficiencies, your documents can be fully searchable so you will not be
    required to go looking through the archives when a customer asks for that document from 4
    years ago.

We understand that our clients' documents may contain confidential information and we guarantee full confidentiality and proper handling of sensitive information.