XRX Work from home on the Golf Course

 XRX Business Centre is proud to be a Major Sponsor of Townsville Chamber of Commerce 140 years celebrations.

As a locally owned and operated business, XRX Business Centre appreciates the support the Townsville Chamber of Commerce has given businesses in our region over the past 140 years.

As part of these celebrations, XRX sponsored a hole and a team at their Annual Golf Day at Rose Bay Golf Club. 

Thank you to everyone involved for making the day so memorable. This year we had one of our printers and phones on the course. The Access4 phone was running off a battery pack that enabled Alisha WillsJamie Pollard and Fiona Higgins to seamlessly 'Work From Home'.

Below are a few highlights from the fabulous day.

Congratulations to StarFM for winning the wooden spoon (that was wood burned by our XRX Print Centre)! 

XRX Printed Wooden Spoon

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