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Medical professionals on the frontlines of the COVID19 are rapidly adopting technology to communicate with patients.

Telehealth services enable medical professionals to meet with patients online and deliver patient care at a safe distance. This technology offers physicians an alternative way of reaching patients and at the same time can increase patient access to specialist medical advice.

Through consultations with a physician over the internet, Telehealth services also benefit residents of aged-care facilities, people with mobility difficulties and those living in remote Indigenous communities.

Telehealth with XRX Business Centre

Treating coronavirus patients isn't the only reason that medical professionals are turning to this technology. With a growing number of the population in isolation and quarantine, Telehealth is a way for patients to connect with their Doctors, Psychologists and other specialists to discuss their mental health.

Telehealth is not limited by location. Medical professionals can make use of technology to conduct online consultations with patients from their homes, at doctor's offices, in prisons, in clinics and in hospitals.

Because Telehealth can be delivered anywhere, it enables collaboration and pooling of medical professionals to assist patients who need urgent attention, regardless of their physical location. This is especially advantageous for areas as large as Queensland where Rural communities have access to fewer medical professionals, and Cities are already feeling the squeeze on their health professionals.

Setting up Telehealth with XRX Business Centre

The basic requirement of Telehealth is the transfer of audio and visual data in real-time between the specialist and the patient.

XRX Business Centre can help setup Telehealth for your practice.

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