Remote Working Communications Setup

A flexible workplace and work from home opportunities are essential to ensure business continuity at this time.

To keep businesses running, it is crucial to ensure everyone working outside of the office has access to the correct tools. 

XRX Voice Communication can take the hassle out of implementing voice and data communications for your business.

We can help with: 


Video Conferencing

Meeting face-to-face (online) has many benefits. Our video conferencing solutions allow you to instantly connect to your customers and staff through video – person to person or as a group. Using platforms, including Microsoft Teams, paired with Conference cams, Speakers and Microphones you can chat, create ad-hoc collaboration spaces and share documents, securely.

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XRX Video Conference setup


Call Forward / Call Diversion

The management of redirects is complicated, take the hassle out and let us help you configure your phone system. Depending on your current system we can redirect incoming calls to your computer, your home phone or your mobile. If you have a UCaaS system such as Access4 we can configure this remotely and also redirect already redirected calls if an employee falls sick or is unable to work.

XRX Call Forwarding and call diversions


Relocating your phone to your residence

Your current system may allow you to relocate your desk phone to your home and connect it to your home network. This will enable you make and receive calls through your work phone from home.

XRX Voice can relocate your work phone


Headsets and Devices

A headset allows you to listen to calls blocking out the surrounding noise and enhancing your voice to the customer or colleague at the other end of the ca

XRX Voice Headsets and Devices



Do you need access to resources that are currently in hard copy?

For your convenience, our expert staff can scan your documents and assist you to store them securely, so you and your team can share these resources from home.

In addition to their normal service, XRX Print Centre is also offering free delivery to local businesses.

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XRX Print Centre free delivery

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