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XRX Business Centre is proud to support The Billabong Sanctuary. The financial assistance offered by XRX Business Centre to The Billabong Sanctuary will assist the wildlife Sanctuary to continue to care for its current occupants. It is the hope of XRX Business Centre and The Billabong Sanctuary that the support from locals will assist this eco-tourism business resume its plans to build a new experience for the Lumholtz's tree kangaroo.

Like many in the tourism industry, the COVID restrictions have impacted The Billabong Sanctuary. Approximately 40% of The Billabong Sanctuary.visitors come from overseas and this has been curtailed.

Bob and Micheal holding Koala at the Billabong Sanctuary

XRX Business Centre has been operating in Townsville since the 1980’s, is locally owned and is the NQ Fuji Xerox Copier/Printer authorised dealer. XRX Business Centre also provides Telecommunications and Print Shop services.

Micheal Thorsen, General Manager of XRX Business Centre said

“XRX Business Centre subscribes to sustainability. We are continually striving to lower our carbon footprint. As part of our Sustainability commitment, we also support local charities sporting teams and community initiatives. These include the Water for Townsville Action group (WAFTAG), financially supporting the acquisition of the Cromarty Wetlands, joining and actively taking a roll in the Townsville City Council sponsored Sustainable Townsville Ltd as well as sponsoring Mulkadee and the Australian Festival of Chamber Music.

This year as our community initiative we decided to sponsor The Billabong Sanctuary, a local eco-tourism business that does a fantastic job looking after our Native animals and encouraging the public to care for and respect them in their native habitat.”

Read more about our community involvement here.

The Billabong Sanctuary was opened by Bob and Del Flemming in 1985. They built the Multi-Award Winning park from the ground up, putting in the ponds and exhibits and all the other facilities. It has always been a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike.

xrx supporting local community

The Billabong Sanctuary Townsville have had a very tough 18 months with the Townsville floods affecting a lot of their park in 2019 and then having to close the park to visitors with the recent Covid Restrictions.

These events have impacted their plans to open a new home for the Lumholtz's tree kangaroo.

“The Lumholtz's tree kangaroo is classified as near threatened by the IUCN and it is considered as rare. Two of our rangers, Jessica Murphy and Damien Randall have developed management plans for the species and a plantation of rainforest tree browse has been established. We have approval from Biosecurity Qld to house and display the tree kangaroo.” – Bob Flemming, Director of The Billabong Sanctuary

 XRX Business Centre supports locals supporting locals and hopes that they visit The Billabong Sanctuary these school holidays. You can book your tickets by following the link below:



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