Save time switching to a Cloud-Based Phone System

Switching to a cloud-based phone system is much faster than you may think, thanks to many user-friendly and time-saving setup features.

The incentive to switch to a cloud-based phone system is always there. After all, research shows businesses see savings between 50% and 75% after making the transition.

Perhaps you're already convinced that a cloud-phone system will offer superior pricing, features, and flexibility. But you're also thinking that you simply don't have the time to get a new phone system up and running right now

Well, this might surprise you: When you make the move to a cloud-based phone system with a team like XRX Voice, we migrate your phone system without disrupting your incoming calls. We use industry standards and time-saving features that actually accelerate the setup and configuration process.

Configure Cloud-Based Phones Easily


Once configured, cloud-based desk phones operate similar to line-based phones with a lot more smarts. Phones are connected with ethernet cables and each phone has a MAC address and IP address, along with VoIP user credentials. 


Softphones are phone applications that run on your smartphone, mobile device, or PC. Softphones can connect to your business Cloud-based phone account and make and receive all the calls that your desk phone can. Softphones can run on Mac, Windows, Chrome, and Firefox. You can also use your softphone to completely replace your desk phone. 

Setting up a standard softphone takes only a few minutes. They're great when you're out of the office, travelling, or working from home.

Make Calls Instantly

Temporary numbers are generally provided for businesses porting their phone numbers over to a new cloud-based phone system. This ensures that there is no disruption during the transition process. When a caller dials the established number, they will be routed to the temporary number until the port is complete. Porting a local phone number typically takes 2 to 4 weeks, while porting a toll-free number typically takes 6 to 10 business days (this can depend on your current carrier).

With XRX Voice you can add a phone number to your account in a matter of minutes. You can make phone calls as soon as you have a desk phone or softphone configured. 

No Internet Upgrade Required

A persistent myth is that you have to upgrade your Internet bandwidth to implement a cloud-based phone system. VOIP has had a bad wrap for some time. Early adopters encountered issues with call clarity and reliability. But technology has come a long way since VOIP phones were released in the mid-'90s. Over 25 years have passed, technology is smarter, and business Internet connections can handle an enterprise VoIP phone system.

A standard cloud-based phone call uses at least 100Kpbs of bandwidth. A standard 720p YouTube video uses at least 1000Kpbs of bandwidth. In other words, watching a YouTube video is roughly the same as making 10 concurrent VoIP calls. 

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