With the increasing number of Learning institutions opting to forgo the "Old School" textbook and instead offer an online version, XRX Print Centre has had an increase in requests from Students, to print their online content.

Recently, students have been encouraged to save money on textbooks and buy cheaper digital versions online, but for many, their preference for print on paper is unexplainable as we move towards a sustainable future, so should we be printing this content? 

In the article 'Evidence increases for reading on paper instead of screens' published in The Hechinger Report in 2019, Jill Barshay writes "The studies showed that students of all ages, from elementary school to college, tend to absorb more when they’re reading on paper than on screens, particularly when it comes to nonfiction material. “Sometimes you should print it out, especially if it’s long,” said Clinton." 

As we delve deeper into our investigation we are finding more and more studies are showing we comprehend less from the text on screens than what we do from the text on paper. 

So should we prioritise the environment over our test results? 

One suggestion offers a sound recommendation to print only relevant chapters. Or perhaps a compromise to print with a smaller font on recycled paper. 

We can also help reduce the environmental impact by printing locally so the study material is not arriving with air miles.

At XRX Print Centre, our Printers are 100% recycled (Packaging, consumables and equipment), our machines are powered by our 240 solar panels on our roof, our online print request form offers an emissions-free step in the process and if you choose to have your notes delivered to your place of learning, our fleet of XRX vehicles are fuel-efficient. 

To encourage students to keep saving money and to be sustainably minded while learning, XRX Print Centre offers excellent Local student discounts.

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