Printers, Copiers and MFDs

XRX Business Centre are leaders in Printers, Scanners, Photocopiers and Document Management solutions.

We help you overcome workplace obstacles with smarter Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) that save you time and money.

Our Printing Devices do so much more than print. With an XRX Business Centre tailored solution we can reduce daily manual tasks and improve staff morale by reducing human errors and saving time on inefficient tasks.

At XRX Business Centre we understand speed is crucial for business. In our fast-paced environment, we enable you to be agile and stay ahead.

In business, flexibility defines our new normal. To achieve this, we need Freedom to make pivotal decisions.

XRX Business Centre gives your business the Freedom to overcome workplace obstacles.

Our Printers make your work stand out with exceptional colours and print quality. In addition, intelligent software drivers incorporate AI Data Capture to increase your overall productivity by automating manual tasks, enabling you and your team to work on more strategic challenges and opportunities.

Make your Business Move Faster with Carefree Management

  • Increase Security.
  • Reduce Interruptions.
  • Reduce Limitations.

Cost and Fleet Management Solutions

  • Easy monitoring and control of printing costs.
  • Access and manage your entire printer fleet in your network.
    • Accountability
    • Personalisation
    • Transparency

Remote MFD Health Check

  • Predictive Management to improve overall device effectiveness and reduce unplanned down time.
  • Smart Help and Remote Assistance provide more ways to support with less waiting time.

Secure Print and Scan

  • Ensure zero data leakage and unauthorised access.
  • Encrypted Printing.
  • Encrypted Scanning.
  • Authentication - Mitigate risks with employee login and accountability.
  • Audit Trail - Enhance security by real-time monitoring.

Mobile Solutions and Cloud Connectivity

  • Enable your workplace to be more adaptive with Borderless Workplaces.
  • Seamless connectivity with smartphone including direct Print and Scan.
  • Integrated Secure Cloud Printing Services.
  • Upload data easily from your PC or Mobile Devices.
  • Print data securely at your chosen destination.


Smart gateway to the new workstyle.

Reliable desktop printer for busy offices


Smart gateway to the new workstyle.

Desktop Printer for Office

ApeosPort Print 

The Next Evolution | Quality with Versatility

ApeosPort Print C5570 Office Printer


Smart gateway to the new workstyle.

DocuPrint P475 AP Printer


Smart gateway to the new workstyle.

DocuPrint CP475 AP Fuji Xerox Printer


Speed, superior colour, productivity. 

DocuPrint C5155 d Fuji Xerox Printer


Your partner: tough, reliable, compact and professional

DocuPrint 4405 d 3505 d Fuji Xerox Printer


Driving productivity to the next level

DP_P375 dw Fuji Xerox Printer


Optimum performance & efficient work productivity

DocuPrint CP505d_CP555d Fuji Xerox Printer

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