Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed Services


Our Experienced Support Team Are Local

Excellence in customer service is our number one priority. Our local Customer Service Team continually strive to provide expert, friendly and responsive service. In keeping with our mission we continue to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our commitment to ongoing systems improvement and staff development ensures the highest standard of service. Our service team is backed by worldwide Xerox information systems and knowhow.  Xerox technicians everywhere are connected to share their experiences and solutions over the Global Service Network giving unprecedented access to a worldwide database of knowledge. Support channels move seamlessly from local to state to national specialists in every product providing onsite assistance through mobile technology. Technicians utilise laptop solutions complete with equipment documentation and diagnostics tools that provide onsite problem detection at the touch of a button.

Our service goals are to reduce response times, reduce downtime, provide first-time service call resolutions and increase machine reliability.

Our results are measured both by our own team but also by Fuji Xerox Australia to ensure we meet or exceed national benchmark standards. The Townsville Service team has consistently achieved national top ten service status.

We have one of the largest spare part and consumable stock holdings outside capital cities and unique overnight support from Fuji Xerox.  Coupled with the latest computerised stock management system and driven by experienced administration staff, we ensure parts and consumables are always readily available.

Fuji Xerox Business Centre has a commitment to meet statutory legislation and workplace health and safety requirements. Our business holds all Electrical Contractor Licences and permits required for the industry.

We are committed to the environment through our extensive nationwide Fuji Xerox Australia recycling program.  Participation in the Fuji Xerox Sustainability Program as well as other local initiatives drive our carbon footprint reduction program.

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