Posters and Plan Printing

Poster and Plan Printing

High-quality printers and premium ink produce professional-quality Posters and Plans.

XRX Print Centre prints large format posters and plans on a wide range of stocks. Submit your print online or call us on 47 599 499 to find out more.

Plan Printing

XRX Print Centre delivers superior, high definition plan printing with attention to detail. We understand your business needs and clear, accurate plan printing is paramount to you and to us.

XRX Print Centre quality checks your printed plans, ensuring each plan is precise and easy to read. Our speciality plan printer with premium ink and quality paper ensures your plans remain definite and professionally presented.


  • XRX prints fine precise lines with accuracy
  • XRX plan printing displays variations of grey clearly
  • Our printed plans are easy to roll up and transport
  • Submit your plan printing online and we will deliver FREE to your local business (in the Townsville Region)

Poster Printing

XRX Print Centre prints high-quality, high-definition, colour brilliance, poster advertising.

Our specialty poster printer combined with premium ink, quality paper and experienced staff ensures your poster print is of professional quality.


  • XRX Print Centre uses accurate colour conversion through premium colour printing combinations.
  • XRX Print centre prints posters will brilliant high colour definition.
  • XRX Poster prints are ideal for designers, businesses, artists and individuals who would like professional, quality poster prints that are printed right the first time and quality checked by an experienced team.
  • XRX Print Centre offers a range of paper types to suit your needs.

Poster Printing Sizes include:

  • A4 - 200mm x 287mm
  • A3 - 287mm x 410mm
  • A2 - 410mm x 584mm
  • A1 - 584mm x 831mm
  • B1 - 697mm x 990mm
  • A0 - 831mm x 1179mm
  • B0 - 990mm x 1404mm
  • Custom Size

Poster Laminating

XRX Print Centre laminates posters and wide format documents. Laminating protects your posters from weather, water and is ideal for menus, maps, signs, instruction and much more.

When images or photos are printed on glossy paper and then laminated, the colours become brighter and more vivid.

XRX Print Centre Laminates your posters or wide format documents in store. The lamination process uses a polyester substrate coated with low melt copolymer adhesive. This protects prints making them last longer and also adds strength to the print. XRX Print Centre a wide variety of documents including posters, certificates, laser copy output, menus, placemats, maps, photographs and more. 

Our experienced staff know the best paper types to use for laminating, so be sure to mention to our friendly staff if your poster print will be laminated at a later date,