Why Apricus Health Chose XRX Voice

Apricus Health choose XRX Business Centre

Streamlining the delivery of allied health services

Established in 2021 as a partnership between Helping Hands and Access Therapy Services,
Apricus Health delivers a range of allied health services to clients across the Townsville region in Queensland.

Prior to the partnership, Helping Hands had become increasingly frustrated with an ageing, on-premise PABX telephone system that had been supporting the business for several years. It was difficult to transfer incoming calls between extensions and the system lacked support for
Wi-Fi handsets.

“We knew we had to find a replacement platform that could better meet our requirements,” says Emma Blines, Operations Manager at Apricus Health. “With assistance from our technology partner XRX Business Centre, we evaluated a range of different alternatives.”


After carefully assessing a shortlist of providers, a decision was taken to implement a new cloud-based telephony system from Access4. Deployment of the platform began in June 2021 and was completed in just six weeks.


“Being a cloud-based platform means there is no longer a need for complex and expensive equipment in the office,” says Emma. “All configuration and management is handled remotely, and all we had to do was plug in the handsets and we were up and running.”



As soon as the new system went live, Helping Hands quickly began to enjoy some significant benefits. Incoming calls could be easily transferred between staff members which improved the overall experience for clients.

“We also enjoyed a significant improvement in call clarity and a reduction of call failures” says Emma. “Where previously the on-premise system was often-times unreliable and the process to seek technical help was frustrating and inconvenient, now with XRX and their local support team, they monitor the system and mitigate issues before they arise. Jamie and his team of technical experts are wonderful to deal with.”

The Access4 System also streamlined operations when Helping Hands joined with Access Therapy Services to create Apricus Health. Calls could easily be transferred between locations which avoided clients having to make multiple calls to reach the staff member they needed.

Apricus Health choose XRX

“We have been able to create a menu structure that guides callers to the location or department they are seeking,” says Emma. “This removes frustrations and allows their questions to be resolved much more quickly.”

The new platform also gives the ability to put diversions on incoming lines and record announcements to alert callers if an office is closed for business.

Emma says the support provided by XRX Business Centre has been invaluable. When an additional office location was added to Apricus Health in 2022, they had new phone handsets ready to be used from day one.

“The fact that XRX is a local company is a great benefit to us as well. We know they will always be available to offer advice or assist if any issues arise.”

Emma says the Access4 telephony platform is also delivering additional benefits to the business bottom line. Because incoming calls can be handled much more seamlessly, it has aided in increasing the number of referrals being converted into client bookings.

“Overall, the new platform has taken a lot of pressure off our staff. Rather than having to constantly juggle calls or arrange callbacks to clients, the vast majority of communication can be handled in a single interaction.

“I am confident we now have in place a telephony system that will support our staff and clients for many years to come.”

About Apricus Health

Apricus Health is a client-focused, allied-health practice committed to providing high-quality care across all stages of life. The company works with a diverse community of clients from children and young adults right through to the elderly, including those living with a disability or requiring upper limb rehabilitation.

Apricus Health is a leader in allied health and the first choice for providing innovative care across the lifespan. We create a culture of warmth, with professionalism, for our team, our clients, and our community.

Apricus Health using XRX Cloud Phone System

About XRX Business Centre

The Fuji Xerox dealership commenced operations in Townsville in March 1984 with four employees. Our locally owned and operated business has grown over the years.

We cover a footprint from Cardwell in the North to Bowen in the South and Mt Isa in the West.

As a services-based company, XRX provides dedicated, local support and solutions in office technologies including print, voice and IT.

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