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How Much money is your team spending each month searching for files? 

“The typical executive spends 150 hours a year (almost an entire month), searching for lost information.

 For someone earning $100,000 a year, this loss is equivalent to $7,682 annually” – Forbes

Man searching for documents. This could be done effortlessly with XRX Scanned documents and OCR technology.

Do you need to access files remotely? Are all your files accessible and searchable? Are your valuable records safe and secure onsite?

XRX Business Centre Scanning Services efficiently transforms paper-based information, files and client records into electronic digital files for remote access anywhere

  • Search for a file with a single keyword
  • Access your documents from anywhere
  • Store and archive your documents in a failsafe cloud solution
  • Share your digital documents with colleagues across many sites and physical locations
  • Safeguard your documents, avoid document destruction through natural disasters. 
  • Free up office space, no more filing cabinets or large offsite storage requirements

We understand that our clients' documents may contain confidential information and we guarantee full confidentiality and proper handling of sensitive information.

Keep your documents and archives safe with XRX Scanning Solutions

We do everything – remove staples, paperclips, and name files according to your individual office administration requirements.

Our experienced staff are trained to scan your documents with the highest quality using our high-speed scanners and intelligent software to process your documents.

Do you need your files FAST?! We can priority scan and index a standard archive box of paper-based files creating fully searchable digital files within 24 hours!

Large or small scanning projects are no problem for our team. You can rest assured knowing your files will remain confidential in our secure and locked facility with access control.

XRX Business Centre is locally owned and operated, and our friendly staff are always happy to assist you.

Contact us today on 47 599 499 or submit your enquiry with the form below.

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