Most Outstanding Colour MFP & Printer for Small Workgroups

Congratulations FUJIFILM Business Innovations (Previously Fuji Xerox), for the recognition of their A4 line of Multifunction Printers (MFPs). Earlier this week it was announced FujiFilm won the covered Buyers Lab (BLI) Winter 2022 A4 Pick Awards from Keypoint Intelligence for Outstanding Colour Multifunction Printer (MFP)/Printer for Small Workgroups with the Apeos C325 series and ApeosPrint C325 dw.

As the leading independent global document imaging product test laboratory, Keypoint Intelligence conducts tests on hundreds of new machines in various categories each year. The Apeos C325 series and ApeosPrint C325 dw MFP/printer emerged as winners for their impressive image print quality and steadfast functions which positioned them to be the leading solution for small workgroups.


FujiFilm wins BLI Award for colour printer

According to Keypoint Intelligence, the Apeos C325 series has proven to be a reliable multifunction printer with robust printing capability. During the 62,000-impression durability test, there were no misfeeds and no service required. The judges were impressed with the overall user experience that the new designs create. The capacitive touchscreen built into the control panel of Apeos C325 series provides ease of use which is similar to a smartphone.

“The high-quality, professional-looking output in both black and colour will more than meet the needs of general office professionals,” said Tony Maceri, Senior Test Technician at Keypoint Intelligence. “The devices also support flexible mobile options and NFC technology which suits small workgroups looking for high productivity and flexibility in their workstyle.”

FUJIFILM Business Innovation is evolving into a digital innovation company that enables customers to transform their businesses. And with this award, BLI has further affirmed the quality, performance and ease of use for these two printers as well as FUJIFILM's innovation efforts.

XRX Business Centre is an authorised FujiFilm Business Innovations Dealer, we have examined the products on the market and choose to sell machines that are outstanding in technology, reliability and price points. We know we are giving your business the best solution in business technologies enabling you to do what you do best.

XRX offers a Large Range of Production Equipment, Scanners, Printers, Copiers and Multifunction Devices. All our devices are backed by Fuji Film Business Innovation (Previously Fuji Xerox) unique 3-year Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our Printers make your work stand out with exceptional colours and print quality. In addition, intelligent software drivers incorporate AI Data Capture to increase your overall productivity by automating manual tasks, enabling you and your team to work on more strategic challenges and opportunities.

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